Air Fryer Texas Toast Garlic Bread

This easy recipe gives you freshly baked garlic bread hot out of the air fryer in just a few minutes!

So Buttery and Dippable too!

Homemade Air Fryer Texas Toast  Garlic Bread

Why You Will Love This Garlic Bread Recipe

  Easy Recipe  Finished in Minutes   Versatile

Simple Ingredients

Texas Toast Butter Garlic Parsley

& Easy Steps



Make the Garlic Bread Mixture with Soft Butter


Spread the Garlic Butter on the Toast GENEROUSLY on both sides- y'all!


Into the Air Fryer


Air fryers vary greatly so the cooking time may vary as well. Keep an eye on the first batch you make, so you can make adjustments as needed.

Choose Your Dipping Sauce

Taco Seasoning and Sour Cream Queso Dip Blue Cheese Dressing Traditional Marinara ...the choices are all so yummy!

LET'S START Air Frying