Beef Tips & Gravy

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A meal the whole family will love!

You'll Love This Savory Recipe!

It is Easy Comfort Food Tender and Flavorful Beef Tips. And it is Versatile. This recipe can be made on the stovetop, slow cooker, or even in the oven.


Beef Tips Seasonings Garlic & Onion Red Wine Beef Broth  Cream of Mushroom Onion Soup Mix

Searing the Beef

Season and sear the outsides of the beef tips. This will lock in the juices and create so much delicious flavor.

Don't Skip This Important Step.

Saute the  Onions and Garlic

WIth butter or olive oil, cook the onions and garlic creating all those brown bits on the botton of the pan.

Deglaze and Add in the Liquids

Scrape off all those brown bits to make a delicious gravy. Just look at how rich it is!

This recipe is perfect to serve over mashed potatoes or alongside easy loaded mashed potatoes or even on a baked potato!



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