Halloween Chex  Mix Recipe Snack

Top it off with chocolate and peanut butter candies for a dangerously delicious treat!

Why You Will Love This Halloween Recipe

Quick & Easy Snack  Make Ahead  Versatile

Simple ingredients right from the grocery store make up this tried-and-true Chex Mix recipe for Halloween snacking.

Savory, salty, crunchy Chex mix ingredients compliment the sweet candies and buttery caramel just right.

Pour the mix out on your baking sheet with parchment paper for easy clean up and no sticking.

Make the butter sauce then pour the snack and cereal mixture, stir and bake.

Just wait until it is all mixed in to the salty cereal mix. This Halloween Chex Mix is the perfect blend of sweet and salty flavors.

This Halloween mix is perfect for classroom treats, a gift for the neighbors, to pass out to trick-or-treaters, or to serve on your  Halloween party table.

Make This Recipe for Halloween